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DAS - Serrated Blade is simply a fully serrated blade version of the original recessed blade. The serrated blade option was added to satisfy many shooters' need for more defined sight picture. Fits certain model Springfield Armory, Colt, Wilson Combat, STI International, Les Baer Custom, Rock River Arms, Dan Wesson 1911s and many others.

1911 Windage Adjustable Sight1911 Elevation Adjustable Sight

Novak® LoMount™ Dovetail Sight CutNovak Sight Installed

The Novak® LoMount™ dovetail is a somewhat standard dovetail sight cut found on many popular factory-fitted (OEM) and custom platforms. The Kensight® DAS™ (Defensive Adjustable Sights) and DFS™ (Defensive Fixed Sights) are the perfect low profile upgrade for your concealed carry, or combat carry pistols, due to a smooth, thoroughly "dehorned", low-profile exterior. The benefit of this feature is there are no sharp edges to cut hands or catch on clothing during the draw stroke which compliments your concealed carry or defensive style 1911. This particular sight will only fit an existing Novak® LoMount™ 1911 dovetail. If you unsure of your current dovetail configuration and would like to know more about dovetail styles, click the button below.

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Standard Front Sights

Add The Optional Front Sight

A front sight with dovetail dimensions of 0.330" (Width) x 65° (Angle) x 0.075" (Depth) has become known as a “standard” front sight in the industry. While these were first seen on 1911 slides with the Novak LoMount rear sight, other OEM manufactures have adopted this same size for their 1911 platform. There are two basic configurations of the “standard” front sight base. One is the “Flat Base” style and the other is the “Contoured Base”. The dovetail dimensions are both the same, so the base selection is a personal preference depending on the profile on the top of your 1911 slide. We recommend that you check your existing front sight dovetail dimensions, before purchasing the standard front sight.

DAS™ Suggested Front Sight Height

The front sight height will greatly vary depending on your rear sight selection. Most of the Kensight DAS˜ (Defensive Adjustable Sights) will require a front sight height of 0.190” - 0.200” tall. We ship most of our DAS sight sets with the recommended 0.200” tall front sight. In some cases your existing front sight may work, but this could limit the amount of elevation adjust-ability in the rear sight. If you would like to learn more about front sight heights, visit our Front Sight Height Guide.

Front Sight Height Guide

Compatible With Many of Today's Top Manufacturers

Our sights are compatible with many factory-produced and custom 1911 pistols. The Kensight DAS and DFS line of sights will fit certain models of Springfield Armory, Colt, Wilson Combat, STI International, Les Baer Custom, Rock River Arms, Dan Wesson 1911s and many others which include the Novak LoMount Dovetail sight cut. For a complete list, See our manufactures page. Most of these manufactures offer both a target style 1911, and a carry style, which include the Novak LoMount Dovetail cut. Click on the manufacture’s Logo below to see all styles of Kensight Sights available for your particular 1911 platform.


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Authentic Kensight ® Sights - The Professional's Choice

This is an authentic Kensight ® sight, and not to be confused with other brands. When it comes to durability, and features the Kensight® sights far exceed our competitors. Our sights are Wire-EDM machined from a single billet of 4140 chrome-moly steel. The result is a precision sight built with better materials and the Wire-EDM construction ensures the tightest tolerances possible. This translates to ultra-smooth adjustments, audible clicks for both windage and elevation, and consistent dovetail dimensions in which the "industry standard" CNC construction cannot compete. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, Kensight 1911 sights are premium quality and the first choice for factory-fit OEM manufactures, competition shooters and professional's worldwide.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products. All Kensight Sights are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. We guarantee our products against defects in material and construction. This limited lifetime warranty does not extend to normal signs of wear. It does not cover breakage, damage or rust due to misuse, improper maintenance, accidents, loss or theft. The warranty does not extend to damages cause by unauthorized repairs.

Any product we determine to be defective will be repaired or replaced solely at our discretion. To receive warranty repair or replacement, the owner must send the product to be evaluated by KFS Industries Warranty Services located at our Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. In addition to the provisions of this warranty, the owner may also have other rights that can vary by state. No other warranties are implied or expressed other than what is specifically stated here.

Warranty Service

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Product Series:
DAS Novak Series
4140 Chrome Molly Steel
Wire-EDM Machined
Black Oxide
Novak Dovetail:
0.495" x 65° x 0.125"
Elevation Adjustment:
Click Adjustment
Windage Adjustment:
Click Adjustment
Blade Type:
Slanted, Serrated
Blade Notch:
0.100" Deep


  • 5
    I customized it!

    Posted by James Orth on 25th Aug 2019

    Risking becoming a "Bubba", I fit an adjustable rear sight (Novak cut) to a Rock Island Citadel 9mm 1911. Filing and also using the dreaded Dremel tool! Your steel is so hard my file wouldn't do much. I lost a set screw. Vibrated out while dremeling. They are SO tiny that it took quite a while to find in my shop! Also, be careful not to lose those micro-tiny springs!! In the end a pistol that shot 5" low at 25' now shoots exactly to point of aim, limited only by my shaky old coffee-infused body. GREAT PRODUCT!! I am going to buy another that will actually fit my Ruger SR1911. Rock Island's cut is "propriatary"-nothing fits right.

  • 5
    Awesome rear sight raises Ruger 1911SR to 5 shot - 1 ragged hole accuracy.

    Posted by Cameron on 5th Oct 2015

    I wanted to replace the Novac fixed rear sight on my Ruger 1911 with one that was adjustable. The sights were a tight fit and required some fitting but are now seated very tightly. I believe installing them resulted in my gun being zeroed for elevation because after adjusting to correct shot placement to the right I found the gun shooting exactly to point of aim. They were just a little higher than the Novac sights that were original to the gun. This modest upgrade has improved my affordable Ruger, giving it the accuracy of a much more expensive gun and increased my confidence. I'm happy!

  • 5
    Perfect fit on a Dan Wesson V-Bob

    Posted by Kensight Customer on 20th Jul 2015

    I needed a 0.21 tall front sight (kensight part number 870-121) with this rear sight to get proper alignment. Front sight needed some fitting with a triangle file, but once installed it fit great. The bevel of the front sight base matched the slide perfectly and the stake hole on the sight lined up perfectly with the stake hole on the slide.

  • 5
    Easy install and tight tolerances

    Posted by Justin A. on 25th Jun 2015

    Dan Wesson Specialist: installed readily with minor fitting removing some material on the leading edge of the sight and bottom, used a brass punch to seat and it is tighter than the factor original I removed. I'll sight it in this weekend, but the fit is great and click adjustment feel very tactile. Thanks for a great product!

  • 5
    Top notch rear sight - DAS 1911 Defense Rear Sight

    Posted by Christoph on 18th Nov 2014

    Top quality, excellent sight picture and nice finish. Also This rear sight has a very tactile adjustment. A+ from Germany! Best regards Christoph