With so many choices in the gun sight industry, it is a daunting task to find the right sight combination for your particluar application. There are several steps that need to be considered while choosing the correct sight for your firearm and shooting style. You have come to the right place. Kensight offers several designs to choose from.

 STEP #1: Choose your dovetail

The first step in choosing a sight is knowing what dovetail is currently cut on your firearm slide. Without this, there is a slim chance you will find the correct sight to fit your application. Select the button below to learn more about dovetails, and choose the correct style for your 1911 pistol. Once you have determined the correct dovetail for your application, continue on to Step 2 below.


 STEP #2: Choose your blade style

At Kensight we carry several variations of sight designs, for each dovetail style.  Now that you know which dovetail you will require we can narrow it down to the sight that best fits for your intended use, and shooting application. In this section we will attemp to explain the diferences in the each of the blade styles we offer.


Front Sight Height Guide

Some might think determining the correct front sight height is complicated. However, once you know this simple formula you will be shooting bullseyes in no time. This guide is standard for both pistols and rifles alike. Whether you’re using a fixed or adjustable rear, choosing the correct front sight height is the main factor which defines the bullet impact and accuracy at any given distance. While this distance varies based on shooters preference, zeroing your pistol at 25 yards seems to be the standard in the industry for most general purpose type shooting.