The blade selection process is determined by the primary use for your 1911, and your personal vision requirements. Kensight offers several blade styles to accommodate just about any shooters preference. Your blade choice can greatly enhance the usability of your sights under different lighting conditions, and shooting scenarios. The options are only limited by the type of slide cut existing on your 1911.

Kensight offer three standard sight blade types. Square, Rounded and Beveled

Our designated target and competition sights include the Bomar, and LPA TRT sight styles. While these are widely used in target and competition, they are also and excellent choice for recreation and sporting purpose. Most of the Kensight target and competition sights include a serrated blade. These precision machined serrations provide an even sighting surface in all light conditions, and to help break up glare. The target and competition sights feature positive click adjustments and are fully adjustable in 1/2” increments for both windage and elevation.

The target and competition sight blades come in 3 standard choices which are square, rounded, & beveled. In conjunction with these 3 styles, we also have White Dot, and Tritium Night Sight options.

Square Blades

The square black blade sights are the traditional setup most commonly seen on target and competition firearms. The square blade is best used on known backgrounds such as target shooting. A plain square rear sight is the simplest solution for visual speed, as the lack of distractions at the rear sight drive the shooters visual attention to the front sight. However, the lack of any additional index on the front sight (Fiber Optic, White Dots, or Tritium) could be problematic when the target and background are not predetermined.