Fully adjustable rear sight for Glock 17, 22, 24, 34, 35, 37, & 38, beveled blade w/ serrations - Includes .330" Tall Front Sight

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We all know the factory Glock® sights leave more to be desired. In addition, the proprietary fixed sight dovetail, placed at the very rear of the slide, is small, shallow and not generally seen as ideal for an adjustable sight.  Knowing this, Kensight has designed this front and rear sight set specifically for the FULL SIZE, LARGE FRAME Glock pistols. 

This fully adjustable rear utilizes the small, shallow factory dovetail so no sight or slide cutting is required. It is precise and practical, well-built and able to withstand a lifetime of use.  Because it is a fairly tall sight that sits completely on top of the side, a front sight with a minimum height of .315” is absolutely necessary.  This is why Kensight had beveled the rear blade to prevent snagging and to protect the shooters hands.  The rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation.  With positive clicks, a simple turn of the screw will let you dial it in to shoot at any reasonable distance. Not only is the sight highly effective and easy to use, it looks good too!  Knowledgeable shooters will note that our rear sight blade does not extend past the rear of the slide like many other adjustables that can extend 1/4" past the slide, putting your hands and clothes at risk.


Authentic Kensight ® Sights - The Professional's Choice

This is an authentic Kensight ® sight, and not to be confused with other brands. When it comes to durability, and features the Kensight® sights far exceed our competitors. Our sights are Wire-EDM machined from a single billet of 4140 chrome-moly steel. The result is a precision sight built with better materials and the Wire-EDM construction ensures the tightest tolerances possible. This translates to ultra-smooth adjustments, audible clicks for both windage and elevation, and consistent dovetail dimensions in which the "industry standard" CNC construction cannot compete. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, Kensight 1911 sights are premium quality and the first choice for factory-fit OEM manufactures, competition shooters and professional's worldwide.

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Product Series:
Glock Series
4140 Chrome Molly Steel
Wire-EDM Machined
Black Oxide
Elevation Adjustment:
Click Adjustment
Windage Adjustment:
Click Adjustment
Rear Blade Type:
Beveled, Serrated
Rear Blade Notch:
0.118" x 0.100"
Front Blade Type:
Front Blade Height:
Front Blade Width:
Front Sight Base: