A brief history, information and drawings for the BoMar BMCS target and competition sights.

A Brief History

 Believed to have been started by a couple named Bob and Mary around 1957, the Bo-Mar rear sight pattern was designed and developed out of the need for a better 1911 sight

BoMar BMCS Slide Dovetail Dimensions Drawing

The Bomar BMCS drawing below is included as a courtesy to help determine the correct rear sight for your 1911 platform. These are just the basic dimensions needed to identify the type of dovetail cut that currently exists on your slide. This is not an actual blueprint for milling your slide, and KFS Industries takes no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of this information.

This image includes the dimensions for the BoMar BMCS slide dovetail.

BoMar BMCS Sights Installed on a Les Baer Centennial 1911

 BoMar BMCS Sights Installed on a Les Baer Centennial 1911

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is for informational purpose only. This information is not official, and provided solely to help choose the correct sight for your firearm. KFS Industries Inc. takes no responsibility on the completeness or accuracy of this information.